Adult Beginners Course in Judo

Throw yourself in fitness with the Judo ABC!

95 which includes:

The Budokwai ABC:

The Budokwai ABC offers you the opportunity to take your first steps into Judo in a friendly, 'no pressure' environment.

No prior experience is necessary - this course is for complete novices. You will receive expert tuition to guide you through the basic moves by the end of the 10 week course, you will be ready for your first grading, the first step to attaining you black belt!

About Judo:

Judo is a Japanese combat sport with it's roots in traditional Japanese JuJitsu. Two Judo players, known as Judoka compete to win by throwing their opponent to the ground, or safely applying a hold-down, arm lock or strangle. Judo translates as, 'the gentle way,' and the object is to apply these moves through the use of techniques that harness your partner's momentum, rather than brute force.

During the ABC you will be taught how to land safely and some simple throws and hold downs. Training is enjoyable and energetic and you will see your fitness, stamina, strength and confidence improve over the duration of the course!

You will also be introduces to Japanese Judo terminology and the traditional values of the sport. Honour and respect are synonymous with Judo and you will receive instruction on dojo etiquette and practice.

Your Instructor:

Your coach, David Mesa Rey has been a professional Judo instructor for 11 years and has been working at The Budokwai for 2 years. He was a former National Judo Champion in Cuba and member of the Cuban National Squad. As a professional in his home country, he coached several junior champions to success.

The Next Course:

Begins on Tuesday 28th April at 18:30. To secure your place on this fantastic course, email or call 02073701000

Celebrating 50 years of Shotokan Karate at The Budokwai

The Budokwai will celebrate 100 years in 2018 as the oldest and most prestigious Judo club in Europe. In this year 2015, we are proud to celebrate 50 years of Shotokan Karate at The Budokwai, which has made us one of the most established and respected Martial Arts Clubs in Europe.

We will celebrate with a display followed by refreshments on Sunday 19th April at 12:45.

Tickets for this event can be bought via the Club Reception at a cost of 10.00

Please call 02073701000 or email to secure your ticket.

We very much look forward to seeing you on the 19th April.

Senior Judo Gradings 2015

Senior Judo Gradings take place on the final Sunday of every month except August and December.