The Budokwai 90th Anniversary Dinner 1918-2008

April 5th at The Rembrandt Hotel, Kensington

Saturday night at the Rembrandt Hotel saw the judo glitterati turn out in force to celebrate 90 years of the Budokwai, initially set up in London 1918 by Gunji Koizumi.

The night began with drinks in the hotel bar, before dinner was served in the James Room. Guests enjoyed a video display, photographs and posters assembled by Dave Finch in the dining room, a fitting celebration of Judo from the early days to now.

The 12 tables were occupied by a host of Budokwai members past and present with their families, five Olympic medallists and judo officials from all over the world. Particular mention goes to the following:

Andrew Shaw
Angelo Parisi
Brian Davies
Densign White
Jean-Francois Guillon
Keith Remfrey
Neil Adams MBE
Niki Adams
Peter Blewett
Ray Stevens
Roy Inman OBE
Sergey Sloveychick
Tessa Sanderson CBE
Tony Sweeny

And to our current squad which included:

Diego Scardone
James Gilmore
Simone Callender
Winston Gordon

In addition to a splendid meal and renewal of old acquaintances and friendships it was particularly edifying to hear Neil Adams and Angelo Parisi speak so fondly and pay tribute to the instructors and members who have contributed and their outstanding successes.

Dave Finch's video can be viewed via the following link: YouTube

All members of the Budokwai past and present wish Winston Gordon every success in his preparation for the Beijing Olympic Games.

The Budokwai will continue to hold special events in order to celebrate this 90th year.

Peter Blewett
Chief Instructor The Budokwai

Budokwai Dinner