Head of Judo Games, Mini, Midi and Junior Judo

Member of British Judo Squad -1985 till 1990
Contest career


Some of my favourite moments in Judo include training with the great Yamashita at the Budokwai and practising with the American Olympic silver medalist Bobby Berland. On the competition scene I came face to face with two Olympic medalists, Mark Berger from Canada and Bjarni Friđriksson from Iceland. I also encountered David Douillet who went on to become an Olympic double gold medallist. During my time on the British Squad I had the enormous privilege of having fellow squad members such as Neil Adams, Ray Stevens, Dennis Stuart, Paul Ajala - too many British Judo greats to mention. Off the competition mat, I participated in a ten man demonstration with Olympic Champion Angelo Parisi at the Royal Albert Hall.

Trivia about me that you never knew: I attended the World Amateur Sumo championships in Japan as member of the first British Sumo team.

Teaching has always been an integral part of my Judo, seeing the delight on children's faces when they have had a brilliant time on the Judo mat, brings a lot of pleasure to me. My biggest aim is to make sure every child has the same experience that I had.


“I have been teaching Judo since 1985. I have taught with many different coaches whose various styles have profoundly influenced my own Judo, and given me a varied and wide grounding for my own style.
I believe that regardless of age or ability, all the participants of my classes will have the opportunity to achieve a higher level of learning, co-ordination and skill, but that first and foremost all will learn through fun and enjoyment. thus improving self discipline, confidence and personal skills.”


I started Judo as a boy, stopped for a few years then took up the sport again in my early twenties. I remember being amazed and slightly embarrassed, as I was being thrown around the tatami by a fourteen year old child, seemingly at will. He’s in his late twenties now and thankfully he has to work a little harder to throw me.

I’ll enter tournaments (under duress!). I didn’t start Judo to win medals, for me Judo is an enjoyable way to keep my mind and body active. My life is immersed in Judo now, and would be quite empty without it. I’ve met some fantastic people in various Dojos around the world, many of whom I can call my close friends.

I achieved 1st dan at the Budokwai in 2001 and I’m currently fighting for 2nd. I qualified as a level two coach in 2005. I am now teaching at various locations around London, including leisure centres, primary schools and a Synagogue.

I find that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a room full of children or adults learning and enjoying this wonderful sport we know as JUDO.


2nd Dan

Domestic Results:

1992, 95, 96, 97 - National Junior Champion
1991, 98 - National Junior Silver
1993, 94 - National Junior Bronze
1998 - British u20 Open Champion
1996 - British u19 Closed Champion
1994 & 95 - British u19 Closed Silver
1993 - British u19 Closed Bronze
1994 - National Senior Team Gold
1995, 98, 2001 - National Senior Team Bronze
2008 & 1996 - British Senior Closed Bronze

International Results

I started judo at the tender age of 5 years, winning my first National Medal at 12. I achieved my black-belt at the young age of 15. My biggest achievements to date were winning a Junior European bronze medal and the European Union Championships. After a break from the competition circuit for a few years to concentrate academically, I made it back on to the British team in 2008. I have been coaching judo since 1997 it always a challenge coaching judo, but my kids at the club are great.

Other info
BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
Qualified Personal Trainer
Currently work as Gym Manager for Rolls-Royce and BBC Gym.


2nd Dan

Personal Testament:

I started practicing Judo when I was 9 years old in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.
When I was 11 year my coach asked my parents to let me go to the Academy EIDE - Escuela de Iniciacion Deportiva Escolar, which is a Specialist Sports School.
I had to leave my house and stay there full time for 4 years . In those 4 years, I got to see my family every 25 days for 5 days at a time.
After a successful time there I had the opportunity to go to La Habana the capital of Cuba to become part of the Cuban Squad in 1996.
I had a great experience, was able to improve my skills in Judo and I made very good progress. As part of the squad, I had the opportunity to train with Israel Hernandez twice bronze medal Olympian and Manolo Poulot, World Champion and bronze Olympic medalist. They both came from Santiago de Cuba.


David is a professional, qualified and experienced Judo coach, referee, sports teacher and personal trainer. As a national Cuban Junior Judo Champion and winner of the Best Regional Coach award, David Mesa Rey has been a successful and effective role model and mentor to his students and coaching colleagues. Achievements include leading teams to national success using a mixed approach of positive motivational psychology and discipline. A native Cuban with leave to remain in the UK David is looking for challenging opportunities to apply his skills and experience in the UK.

Qualifications and other Skills:

schemes of work

Sporting Successes:

1994 Cuban National Junior Judo Championships Silver medal
1996 Cuban National Junior Judo Championships Gold medal
1997 International Judo Championships Team member
1999 Cuban National Judo Championships Silver medal
2001 Cuban National Judo Championships Bronze member
2003 Cuban National Junior Judo Championships 1st place
2004 Cuban National Junior Judo Championships 2nd Place
2005 Cuban National Junior Judo Championships 2nd Place
2010 Named Best Coach in Santiago de Cuba
2010 Cuban Regional Junior Judo Championships 1st place


1st Dan
Junior Coach at Budokwai
Junior Coach at Tokei
Southwark Coach for London Youth Games
Member of the London Area Committee

Competition Results:
Police National Championships +100Kgs 3rd Place (2011)
Police National Championships +100Kgs 4th Place (2010)
High Wycombe Kyu Grade Championships +100Kgs, 1st Place (2009)
Police National Kyu Grade Championships +100Kgs, 1st Place (2009)
Police National Kyu Grade Championships Open, 1st Place (2009)

I was a late starter of this unique sport, but not a late starter of Martial Arts. Since the age of 5 I have done various Combat Sports such as Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing and Bushido. Yet despite the great times I had with these sports none of them compare to Judo.
My Passion for Judo is that powerful, I left my previous employment of nearly 10 years in the Metropolitan Police Service to teach Judo full time.
I’m privileged, to be given this opportunity to teach others as well as work along side some of the greatest Judo players of the past 50 years at a club as Timeless and Unique as the sport itself, who has produced and perfected some of the finest players our sport has seen… Can’t be put into words.
I’m extremely Honoured, Oss.


• MA
• Dip (MS)

Apart from being a former British Champion Mr. Ajala enjoys prominence within the British Judo Association as an excellent technician of judo. He has attended the Budokwai as a black belt since the age of sixteen and in more recent years exercised a key role in the success of the adult Budokwai Saturday class. During the mid-eighties he attended the International Budo University (IBU) in Japan for three months, continuing his study with professor Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki who had just completed a twelve months teaching visit to the Budokwai.

• British Judo Association Senior Club Coach (from 1989)
1998 – 1999 Middlesex University

• Masters of Arts in Management Practice
1996 – 1997 Middlesex University

• Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies

1999 – Present
• Harrow School, Harrow on the Hill, HA1 3HP (Tuesday & Thursday Evenings)

2001 – Present
• The Budokwai Judo Club, Gilson Road, London SW10 (Sunday Morning)

1981 – 1986
• Holland Park School

1981 – 1986
• Lillie Road fitness Center


I am a mini/midi and junior judo instructor at the Budokwai, as well as assisting with the morning toddler classes.
I first started judo at the age of twelve under the instruction of George Hoff, joining the Budokwai soon after this and training under the instruction of Brian Jacks and Neil Adams.

I have held a black belt in judo for over 20 years, and in 2006 also earned a black belt in Shotokan Karate, training under the instruction of Sensei Ohta as well as the late Sensei Enoeda.
I have been teaching both group and individual lessons at the Budokwai for approximately 16 years now and still thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my job, helping others learn as well as continuing to learn daily myself, from the wealth of experience and different views of others of all grades, ages and disciplines.