Budokwai Toddlers Team

Meet the Instructors....
All our staff are fully CRB checked and have experience working with children. Most of our team have stayed with the Budokwai for many years and are still enjoying it!!


Geraint Evans

Hi my name is Geraint.
I am an actor and writer. I have worked with children in various guises for about fifteen years. The Majority of this work was with the Nipperbout crèche company working around the country with children from the ages of three to sixteen. This covered looking after children at major conferences, taking them bowling, swimming, to the pictures, avoiding food fights and general all day care to being involved in private birthday and Christmas parties. I have worked for the Budokwai toddlers for the last five or six years leading both gym and art classes. I have enjoyed every second of it. Children are a constant joy and creatures of wonder. I have learnt much from them and they assure me they have learnt nothing from me! The Budokwai allows me the time to also practice a passion of mine, Karate. I am a black belt, I have never used it in the street but it can be very useful in the 2-3 yr old class.

Rachel Evans

Hello there my name is Rachel. I am an actress and Singer. I have been leading the baby gym and art sessions at the Budokwai for about 5 years. I started getting involved with children through theatre in education leading me on to teach drama and singing sessions for Children’s Saturday schools. I then worked for Nipperbout with our other instructors Geraint and George which was a really good training ground in how to communicate and relate to children. During my time here at Budokwai I have witnessed and shared some truly magical moments. There is nothing more amazing than to see a child learning and growing week by week and to watch their characters develop. In my spare time I enjoy the practice of yoga and also belong to a Buddhist peace organisation called the Soka Gakkai (creating value) International, where I help support young women in my community to develop their lives and fulfil their great potential.

Katie Whitehead

In Katie's gym classes, your child will not only learn about balance, co-ordination and movement through exercise and races, but also through music, dance and song. Children will also work on interaction skills within their peer-group and have lots of fun along the way. The freedom that they have in our secure, fully cushioned dojo really gives your child that sense of independence that they don't have in the park.

George Macallister