The history of Karate is shrouded in mystery. As far back as 1368 empty hand combat training was practised in Okinawa- China- India and it was not until 1915 that Karate as it is now known was brought to Japan from Okinawa. The person responsible for the introduction of Karate to Japan was Okinawan Master Gichin Funakoshi, an Educationalist with a strong desire to teach Karate as a means of character and spiritual development.
Between 1915-1936 Funakoshi and other great Masters developed their various styles of Karate and eventually Funakoshi named his style Shotokan. There are numerous styles of Karate practised all over the world, each style emphasising something different. Shotokan is a traditional, powerful style dedicated to discipline and character development.


Junior Karate classes taught at the Budokwai are specifically aimed at children aged 6-12 years. Those aged 12+ are encouraged to attend the Senior Beginner class which welcomes children of 12+ and those younger if they are of a higher grade.
Junior Karate classes are taught by our experienced instructors and are specially designed to guide children through the first three grades of karate- 9th Kyu (Orange Belt), 8th Kyu (Red Belt) and 7th Kyu (Yellow belt), predominately through the practise of kata. Once children achieve higher grades than these they are welcome to attend the senior classes with the other children of higher grades. For a full list of the grades and information on the grading process see the Karate Gradings Section.
Beginners are invited to join anytime, and are carefully taught and guided so they learn and achieve at their own pace in a fun and enjoyable environment.
A typical class structure consists of the following;
Basics- The practise of basic techniques- punching, kicking, blocking and stances.
Kata -A series of set movements in a specific shape/form. Each grade has a specific kata of which is an integral part of the grading system.
Kumite- Practising with a partner. For our Junior Karate section, this will be simple and rehearsed in order to get children used to the structure. Basic self defence will be incorporated for all grades.
For information on Dojo (place of practise) etiquette see Senior Karate Intermediate/ Advanced Overview