Contest Record:

Peter started Judo in 1965 at South Bucks Judo society. Having been graded as a junior by Tony Leaper and Alan Green, Peter started to train at the Budokwai in 1971.
In 1973 Peter was awarded his 1st Dan on first attempt at the Budokwai. His line up included Chris Bowles who later also went on to represent the Budokwai and Great Britain in the Olympic Games


“I have been teaching Judo since 1985. I have taught with many different coaches whose various styles have profoundly influenced my own Judo, and given me a varied and wide grounding for my own style.
I believe that regardless of age or ability, all the participants of my classes will have the opportunity to achieve a higher level of learning, co-ordination and skill, but that first and foremost all will learn through fun and enjoyment. thus improving self discipline, confidence and personal skills.”



Ray gained his black belt in a line up aged 16yrs and competed on the GB squad from 1980 – 1997.
Ray has had a long and illustrious career inside British Judo and is known internationally as someone who has excelled at the highest level whose approach combines dedication with technique and creative flair.
He was always considered by his fellow competitors and the judo public as one of the most skilful of Judoka with his dynamic throwing and equally effective groundwork techniques.
His professionally competitive approach, but non-intimidating style and regard for dojo ethos has led him being valued as an inspirational teacher.
Ray’s recent acceptance of the position of Vice Chairman of the BJA London Area promises additional and exciting benefits for British Judo.
For further information on Ray please go to Ray Stevens Judo



• 4th Dan
• MA Hons (English) Glasgow University
• University Blue for Judo 1989
• Coached in various clubs and schools since 1986
• Currently attending Bath University studying Elite Performance Judo Coaching

Contest Record:
• British Universities Champion 1992
• Scottish Universities Champion x 2
• Scottish Championships Medallist
• British Masters Medallist

“I started judo in my local youth club in 1979 at the age of fifteen after having played rugby. I instantly became fascinated by the sport and it’s ethos due to the passion, charisma and enthusiasm of my coach Willie Shields who recently stopped coaching at the age of 83. My fascination was further developed at Glasgow University under Head Coach George McQuillan.
My aim is to inspire a new generation of judoka in the way that these two coaches inspired me and many others.”