Contest Record:

Peter started Judo in 1965 at South Bucks Judo society. Having been graded as a junior by Tony Leaper and Alan Green, Peter started to train at the Budokwai in 1971.
In 1973 Peter was awarded his 1st Dan on first attempt at the Budokwai. His line up included Chris Bowles who later also went on to represent the Budokwai and Great Britain in the Olympic Games.


Ray gained his black belt in a line up aged 16yrs and competed on the GB squad from 1980 – 1997.
Ray has had a long and illustrious career inside British Judo and is known internationally as someone who has excelled at the highest level whose approach combines dedication with technique and creative flair.
He was always considered by his fellow competitors and the judo public as one of the most skilful of Judoka with his dynamic throwing and equally effective groundwork techniques.
His professionally competitive approach, but non-intimidating style and regard for dojo ethos has led him being valued as an inspirational teacher.
Ray’s recent acceptance of the position of Vice Chairman of the BJA London Area promises additional and exciting benefits for British Judo.
For further information on Ray please go to Ray Stevens Judo


2nd Dan

1992, 95, 96, 97 - National Junior Champion
1991, 98 - National Junior Silver
1993, 94 - National Junior Bronze
1998 - British u20 Open Champion
1996 - British u19 Closed Champion
1994 & 95 - British u19 Closed Silver
1993 - British u19 Closed Bronze
1994 - National Senior Team Gold
1995, 98, 2001 - National Senior Team Bronze
2008 & 1996 - British Senior Closed Bronze

I started judo at the tender age of 5 years, winning my first National Medal at 12. I achieved my black-belt at the young age of 15. My biggest achievements to date were winning a Junior European bronze medal and the European Union Championships. After a break from the competition circuit for a few years to concentrate academically, I made it back on to the British team in 2008. I have been coaching judo since 1997 it always a challenge coaching judo, but my kids at the club are great.

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
Qualified Personal Trainer
Currently work as Gym Manager for Rolls-Royce and BBC Gym.


2nd Dan

I started practicing Judo when I was 9 years old in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.
When I was 11 year my coach asked my parents to let me go to the Academy EIDE - Escuela de Iniciacion Deportiva Escolar, which is a Specialist Sports School.
I had to leave my house and stay there full time for 4 years . In those 4 years, I got to see my family every 25 days for 5 days at a time.
After a successful time there I had the opportunity to go to La Habana the capital of Cuba to become part of the Cuban Squad in 1996.
I had a great experience, was able to improve my skills in Judo and I made very good progress. As part of the squad, I had the opportunity to train with Israel Hernandez twice bronze medal Olympian and Manolo Poulot, World Champion and bronze Olympic medalist. They both came from Santiago de Cuba.

David is a professional, qualified and experienced Judo coach, referee, sports teacher and personal trainer. As a national Cuban Junior Judo Champion and winner of the Best Regional Coach award, David Mesa Rey has been a successful and effective role model and mentor to his students and coaching colleagues. Achievements include leading teams to national success using a mixed approach of positive motivational psychology and discipline. A native Cuban with leave to remain in the UK David is looking for challenging opportunities to apply his skills and experience in the UK.

schemes of work

1994 Cuban National Junior Judo Championships Silver medal
1996 Cuban National Junior Judo Championships Gold medal
1997 International Judo Championships Team member
1999 Cuban National Judo Championships Silver medal
2001 Cuban National Judo Championships Bronze member
2003 Cuban National Junior Judo Championships 1st place
2004 Cuban National Junior Judo Championships 2nd Place
2005 Cuban National Junior Judo Championships 2nd Place
2010 Named Best Coach in Santiago de Cuba
2010 Cuban Regional Junior Judo Championships 1st place