Advanced Judo aimed at Judoka who are 2nd Kyu and above. The senior classes at the Budokwai cater for membersí needs and are responsive to the dynamic of the session.

Mondays- The Monday sessions are run by Darcel Yandzi. This class attracts a strong following and welcomes all more experienced members who want to improve and learn new technique.

Tuesdays- The Tuesday sessions are run by Peter Blewett, Chief Instructor who oversees a more general class. The culture of the session is often to invite guest instructors to demonstrate their Tachi Waza.

Thursdays & Saturdays- Both these classes are run by Ray Stevens, Olympic Silver Medalist. Ray Stevensís wealth of experience draws visitors from all over to develop their skills and widen their range of experience.
Club visits can be easily organised and are particularly welcome on a Saturday afternoon.