The Budokwai is one of the few clubs in London that offer classes specifically for Cadets. These classes have been developed through an understanding of the difficulty in transferring from a Junior to a Senior Judoka. This can be for a number of reasons such as lack of confidence and less physical strength. Because of this our Cadet judo classes are ideal for young judoka (13-19 years) who are either just starting Judo or making the transition from junior to adult Judo.
Cadet Judo classes are open to all levels and especially welcome those new to Judo as well. Classes are structured to suit all levels and all students are appropriately matched and guided throughout the class so they achieve to their full potential. Depending on your current grade, the instructor will either grade you in class (gradings held twice a year) or you will be able to attend either the Junior or Senior Judo gradings run at the club- See our Judo Gradings section for more information


Within our cadet classes, whilst there is a strong emphasis on technical development, the physical aspect of Judo training is also a main priority of these sessions. Classes incorporate a combination of various techniques and work towards the development of Gripping skills (Kumikata), throwing techniques (Tachiwaza), and groundwork techniques (Newaza) using various methods such as Free Practice (Randori), Throwing practice (Nagekomi) and tactical judo drills.
Everyone is welcome to come along to watch a class, or if they have their own gi and BJA license come along to join in. Our instructors are always around to answer any questions you may have.