Dominik Debiec

Brown Belt under Roger Gracie.

"I come from Poland and I started my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training beginning of 2006 in Roger Gracie Academy in London. After 3 months of training my coach took me to my first BJJ tournament. There I got a filling of competition, being tested, fighting for medals and since then I was hooked for good.
I am competing a few times a year and some of my main achievements are:

Silver Medal in 2013 European Championships in Lisbon, Brown Belt, Masters.
2 x Gold medals in 2012 European Championships in Lisbon, Brown Belt Masters
Gold medal at British Open 2011, Purple Belt
Gold medal at World Pro Trials in Warsaw 2011, Purple Belt
Gold medal in Absolut at British Open 2010, Purple Belt

BJJ to me is a life style. It gives me confidence, control and peace of mind in stressful situations. That peace of mind and sense of calmness simply glows form good BJJ players. It gave me fitness, strength and stamina, like I never had before. What is most amazing is the fact, that this sport never gets boring, because you are always exposed to a new moves, counters and techniques even after years of hard training. Nobody knows all the moves and combinations are endless. Itís a human chess game.

To become a BJJ instructor was quite a natural step for me. As an advanced BJJ player hoping get my black belt one day, I need to bring something to the sport first, learn how to teach others and protect them while they training. I simply love to teach and share my passion with others."