Aikido is a modern martial art (not a sport). It was founded by Morihei Ueshiba 1883-1969. Aikido’s roots do go way back into the feudal period in Japan with the secret arts of the Samurai (Bushi). The branch of the fighting arts that was inherited by Ueshiba was that of the Aiki Ju-Jutsu of the Daito-Ryu.
Aikido has techniques against all kinds of unarmed attacks, grips, strangles, and blows as just a few. There are also techniques against armed attacks, knife, stick and swords etc. There is training in Aikido with stick against stick and sword against sword etc. Many people have heard that Aikido is purely defensive and weapon training may seem to give the lie to this.
The most important reason for weapon training is we learn the basic stances, foot and body moves used in Aikido. Two reasons for weapon training are;

  1. To defend oneself one must study the attacks that one may be met with
  2. In a really dangerous situation, it is logical to defend oneself with any weapon to hand against any attack where weapons are used.

All training in Aikido gradually leads us into defense skills against multiple attackers.